Traditional Midwifery Education Classes


Earn MEAC Credits

Program ID:  M1011-22-0413

This program is approved for a total of 23.25 contact hours, the equivalent of 2.325 CEUs under MEAC Accreditation


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These fifteen classes offered in this series follow the rules associated for MEAC accredited classes. These classes offer a deeper insight to many of the Wisdom of Thirteen Moon classes. They include a mandatory participation from the midwife desiring to obtain CEU hours but in method that makes the midwife reflect on how they may want to incorporate this ancient knowledge into their practice. They are based on the Traditional Midwifery Model of Care where the lowest intervention has shown to be the best outcome and the deeper knowledge of the traditional skills are used. These classes are taught by many of the Advisory Board members of Mother Health International.

The Mamma Primitiva Advisory Board is a broad collaboration of practitioners advising and supporting Mother Health International to create the bridge between high technology obstetric care and the excellent outcomes provided by the low technology, hands on midwifery model of care in impoverished and disaster stricken countries. The collection of our data will provide inspiration for birthing centers worldwide.

Volunteer Medical Advisory Board

Clare Loprinzi, Traditional Midwife, CPM, MCH certificate

Carol Roedocker, CNM

Dr. Jade Patti McGaff, MD,OB/GYN

Dr. Mathilde Costa, MD, OB/GYN

Dr. Misha Kassel, MD, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Joseph Kassel, ND, LAc


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