Traditional Midwifery Education Classes

The Wisdom of the Thirteen Moons

The Wisdom of the Thirteen Moons was created to help midwives that are already working and those aspiring to become midwives to learn traditional ways of working with natural modalities instead of working with pharmaceutical drugs and ultrasounds in birth and at support birth work around the world.

This series is specifically to give experienced midwives a more traditional approach in the perinatal period. Work with specific herbs, moxa burning, identification of a deeper knowledge of prevention, dealing with bleeding with hot/cold concepts, Chinese medicinal approaches taught at a deeper level, working without ultrasound and more effective monitoring of mother and baby are taught.My hope is to keep this series updated and broaden the knowledge to make us stronger midwives. As we show respect to the thirteen moons that guide us, we return to traditional ways that give us light/dark energy. 100% of proceeds are donated to midwifery education through the Traditional Midwifery Council.

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As of 06/14/2011, this program has been approved for a total of 23.25 contact hours, the equivalent of 2.325 CEUs under MEAC Accreditation. 

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The entire course and program is taught, run and managed by a dedicated volunteer professional staff.  All donations that you make goes to work in Haiti and Birth Soveriegnty work throughout the world.  Birth Sovereignty supports basic public health measures and projects that create sovereignty in all ways, a vital component of broader cultural, social, economic and environmental sovereignty and justice issues.