Mamma Primitiva Curriculum 

There is one class for all levels of learning for this Traditional Midwifery education.  I am posting several videos so you can either review it if you have seen it or just do the new video. If you are newer you will be getting twice the classes so do what you want. It is all up to each of you on how much you want to do. I post new classes at the beginning of each month.

Classes are in demand to restart and are segmented into 4 Sessions / Quarters Annually.

This program is for all new and enrolled students.

Starts July 2016/CURRICULUM 

I am going to set up curriculum that starts with Traditional approaches/thinking/natural birth. The class curriculum will be for all stages of midwifery education but soley traditional which means ultrasound of all forms, pharmaceutical drugs will not be taught.

Since Wisdom of Thirteen Moons has so many great classes that wll be the first four months.

This course is by donation but that aspect is important because the funds go to birth work and I and other volunteer our time to create the classes and evaluations and mentoring. The suggested donation is 100. for the four months. Since all the monies are accounted for with donations, it needs to be done every four months. I would suggest committing to a year of classes. Easy to add this learning to other programs.






Each Session / Quarter includes 3 Sections, and each Section includes 4 classes. 

Current curriculum is posted below for all Students:   Classes will be added as time progresses.  You may enroll at any time.