Traditional Midwifery Education Classes

 Greek midwives, students and mammas 


 On going Traditional Midwifery Educational Classes


We thank you for joining this learning program and make your donation, I ask you to donate for four months of classes at time. 

For four months the suggested price is 50.- 80. dollars. All monies go to birth world world wide, all teachers devote their time, especially me. I will read all of your work. There are many that have so little and with international work there are many midwives that truly need our help, mostly because of war on them or control on them. they are brave midwives, so be as generous as you can.  

Enrolling is easy

  • send your name/date of birth/email address to
  • if you have not heard back within 3 days than be sure to resend clare a message at email address above. 

Class Format:  Sections/Lessons

Class Segments are broken into Sections.  Each Section lasts 8 weeks long:  3 weeks of lessons and 1 week of complete dialogue (question and answer with Clare).  Each lesson begins on Monday, allowing 3 days for class discussions amongst students. 


When you log in, always check the Class Announcements Link FIRST as this is a general teacher to student communication page:

Review the Class Lesson for the Week

You will have 3 days after the week where the class tapes are up to Answer and Discuss the Week’s Lesson and Assignments.  Post your thoughts in the corresponding Class Discussion Page on the Student Forum page (which is under ALL STUDENTS on the right side bar). 

Discussion and Reflection Period

Discussion closes after 3 days of the end of the week's lesson so that the "assistant translators" have time to translate. Answers are posted by the beginning of the last week of the month. The first month will be tapes that there will not be discussion because it starts on August 12, 2018 (and that will give time for late starters to come in too,) but the following month we will start the normal process. There after, the time students shall spend the time in reflection of this week’s lesson and dialogue if they choose.  This may be a suitable time to converse with one another on the student forum page and share about the lesson and other relevant readings and goings-on.The last week of the month is for this discussion to be translated into all languages so all can learn. I will be sure to read and "watch" the discussions to be sure it is correct and done in a good and clear way. 

THE BLACK BOOK is a notebook that will keep and organize as you find it most useful.  Typically it would be alphabetized with tabs.  You will create a bank of knowledge. It is interesting i still have my little book which is 40 yrs old, I don't look at it often but i still keep it there with me and it is good reflection to see what i learned and wrote and kept adding too. So i encourage you to do this.

Add to it any time you learn something that might be useful later, especially things you might not remember.  For instance, under “B”, list B vitamins, foods they are in, what they are needed for, etc.  

Also as an example, a section under “B” can be on breast care where you may want to list positions for breastfeeding, how to care for sore or damaged nipples, what herbs are good for cleansing, how to deal with plugged ducts, etc.   Perhaps gathering a chart to compare findings of engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis and a diagram showing the internal structure of the breast with all parts labeled.  

You will find this a useful tool and we want to encourage them to begin right away. Create your blackbook to work for you and maybe you will pass it down one day. Just writing things down and organizing them is a great study aid.  Attaching your black book to a calendar and addresss book may be convenient.

The entire course and program is taught, run and managed by a dedicated volunteer professional staff.  All donations that you make goes to further Birth Soveriegnty work throughout the world.  Birth Sovereignty supports basic public health measures and projects that create sovereignty in all ways, a vital component of broader cultural, social, economic and environmental sovereignty and justice issues.