Class Schedule


One on-going class for all levels is taught through this educational program.   Classes are ongoing and segmented into 4 Sessions / Quarters Annually.

The Mamma Primitiva Educational Program curriculum includes:

  • All relevant topics of traditional midwifery, health and healthy raising of children.
  • There will be four related classes per month, three teaching new subject, one discussion of the months teachings with question, clarification and time for weekly writing in your ‘black book”.
  • The three month curriculum that is happening is posted. We will keep adding the next curriculum as time goes by. 
  • There will be no grades and tests. Some may want eventually to test for the CPM (certified professional midwife) certification through NARM (north american registry for midwive s) or a test in your country.

The first three class of the month will typically include

  1. Taped session from the conferences or instructors.
  2. Birth story that would model this particular topic
  3. The Mamma Primitiva Facebook site (only students are allowed on) is the place where questions are raised and answered. Before you add things to the site please ask me.
  4. The last class of the month will be the one for discussion, time to write in for new ideas or thoughts, and the postings of the month's education in the "little book."

Those who register now will be enrolled in the next available class session.

You may enroll at any time.