Mamma Primitiva is a worldwide traditional midwifery educational program that believes if given the opportunity and teachings, every woman can know and help the restoration of traditional birth. It is the work of the Primitive Mamma. Our midwifery education programs are online so that you have access to class 24/7, anywhere there is an internet connection.Mamma Primitiva is again setting up an on going program that will be starting in July 20018, so if you are interested contact clare at  and a MEAC CEU Course.

 The entire course and program is taught, run and managed by a dedicated volunteer professional staff.  All fees (100%) of all proceeds, including the materials and videos and the administrative system we are using, goes to peaceful birth and sustainable projects and no amount of the donation you make is personally retained.

Mamma Primitiva also raises funds to support education of midwives in the world and presently working on a clean water project in the mountains of Jacmel, Haiti. We have a Haitian "team" in these mountains who are helping us to get pipes to each families land, water containers (10 and 55 gallon), filters for each house and eventually more sustainability for each family as far as food growing. We would like to see basic solar lights (they do not have electricity) and gutters on homes for water catchment so that each family can farm their own land. (they grow most of their food). We also have a program growing trees that are being given to the Jacmel community that live on the other side of the river. 

It costs $150. to get a family the pipe tican o their land, $150./yr for a student to go to school, $625. to get thirty 55 gallon drums from PAP to the SW mountain region, $120. to get the metal roofing for a homesʻ gutters for catchment and $200. to get basic simple solar to the home for a few lights. To donate to this project you can send it to the paypal address below or  put you in touch with the Haitian family on ground to send the funds to through Western Union.It is simple. For more info go to Links on the right side bar to Haiti (Ayiti)Jacmel Water Project/Midwives and watch the photo gallery.

If you want to donate

  • to this water project in the Jacmel mountains
  •  to pay for a Haitian Child or Adult to go to school
  • or any project that we do to that supports basic public health measures

To keep things simple and more connected to where your funds go, you can be in touch with the person and project and send them your donation through western union which allows you to become involved in the work that you are helping to happen. It is all simple. 

Our thanks to each that learns to give. Our projects work to create sovereignty. 

The entire course and program is taught, run and managed by a dedicated volunteer professional staff.  All donations that you make goes to work in Haiti and Birth Soveriegnty work throughout the world.  Birth Sovereignty supports basic public health measures and projects that create sovereignty in all ways, a vital component of broader cultural, social, economic and environmental sovereignty and justice issues.



  1. The Wisdom of The Thirteen Moons Courses Meac Accredited Course   suggested donation  $100. for 2.3 CEU credits (23 hrs of tapes). Read more under Wisdom of Thirteen Moons tab.





Self Paced Course, Available for 13 Weeks ~ May be taken for MEAC CEU Credits

Information Here     





Who will attend Mamma Primitiva?

Women from around the world that have the love of helping women birth, educating women about birthing and becoming a midwife will attend Mamma Primitiva.

It will include women of many different cultures and countries all sharing their motherwit (common sense, intuition) and unique ways of birthing as they learn traditional midwifery. It will be collaborative and culturally sensitive.

 This is mamma primitiva work; truthful education about birth, raising children and healing. We are glad you are with us.

Many years ago, I organized the Mother Oak Midwifery Conference with several old traditional midwives teaching along side other midwives and practitioners.  All sessions from these extraordinary conferences were taped and some have become  part of the midwifery education you receive. The words from these old midwives and others are part of this educational experience. Their words will take you to a deep place of knowledge, to the root of this ancient knowing and wisdom.

I have done grassroots work locally, nationally and internationally for many years keeping traditional midwifery alive and have worked extensively in Hawaiʻi, Greece, Sicilia and Bulgaria and the United States. Women from all over the world attend this traditional midwifery courses. Local and worldwide networking result from your friendships and all proceeds will go to non-profit birth work.

This education is to help you prepare yourself to help women birth whether you will become or are an educator for your friends, doulas, childbirth educators, apprentices, midwifes or doctors. This education will add to other education that you are receiving with the traditional approach. If you want to become a midwife it  will be your responsibility to find apprenticeships in your local community. You will find these courses unique, and helpful in your journey to understanding midwifery.
We look forward to you receiving this education through Mamma Primitiva to help women and babies birth with respect and love.

Clare Loprinzi, Traditional Midwife, CPM, MCH