Traditional Midwifery Education Classes


Goals of Mamma Primitiva


The goal of the curriculum of Mamma Primitiva will be first to teach natural birth, mothering and balanced living which includes closely working with your senses. We will study birth, physically, mentally, and emotionally and encourage you to work with it spiritually. We will share the different cultures of all the women in the program and build bridges between us. We will learn learn from each other to build stronger movements of traditional birthing modalities all around the world. Learning natural birth is the first step. Raising healthy children will also be included. The knowledge will just keep growing and spreading with you. 

When we are strong in the education of natural birth then we will be learn unique situations that can arise during birth and how to work with them. You will learn how to carefully work with the mother and child with the ceremony of birthing. A ceremony truly deeply rooted in love and survival. You will learn the latest information on the effects of vaccinations, machines, teaching your children, gardens in the schools and many other things that contribute to raising a healthy child and the restoration of mother earth.

 You will be encouraged to be have a small black book (or whatever color you choose) to write down your information. It is best to have it already alphabetized so when you are looking up a certain condition it will be easy to find. This book will accompany you like a dear friend.You will also learn acronyms that are commonly used in the perinatal period that will be in the back few pages in your book.

We will have a library of resources and if you have more suggestions then they will be run through the staff to check out before they are posted. It is important to remember that you are learning traditional midwifery in a positive manner so that fear does not creep in and take over when you need your motherwit most. There will also be information on the other aspects of healthy living and becoming active in grassroots work that create sovereignty.