Mission Statement of Mamma Primitiva


Mamma Primitiva is a worldwide online traditional midwifery educational program that believes that if given the opportunity and teachings every woman can know and help with the restoration of traditional birth. It is the work of the primitive mamma. 

The intention of Mamma Primitiva is to provide traditional midwifery education to a diverse group of women around the world. 100% of the money generated from the tuition paid to this school will go directly to supporting a midwifery model of care clinic in a impoverished and disaster stricken country. The intention is to keep the traditional midwife ways of birthing alive while at the same collaborating with birth practitioners from around the world.

Clare Loprinzi, founder of Mamma Primitiva and member of the medical advisory board . This Medical Advisory Board is a broad collaboration of practioneers advising our birth work to create the bridge between high technology obstetric care and the excellent outcomes provided by the low technology, hands on midwifery model of care in impoverished and disaster stricken countries. The collection of our data will provide inspiration for birthing centers worldwide."

This educational school has been a long time dream of mine and could not be doing this without the help of many other people and you. We have much work to do to help Motherearth heal, and it starts with birth. I would like to thank you for joining us and hope that the healing begins with you and spreads throughout birth movements and groups such as Mother Health International.