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The Wisdom of the Thirteen Moons



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This is a self-paced course available for 13 weeks from the date we confirm your enrollment. 

Please note that we are currently adding narratives/text and teachings/additional information to our curriculum. Clare will always be adding more hands on video work as she has herself taped with births, prenatals and postnatals.

This course is made available at this time so that current practitioners who are on the pending list to visit and serve the Haiti Birth Clinic have access to the information.  Watching the immunizations for third world travel, cord burning and chinese medicine will help you move into the clinic more gracefully. Do watch the chinese medicine tapes a few times so that you are able to absorb the hot/cold concepts especially. This information is crucial in keeping Mother Health International a safer place to birth and a good recovery for mom and baby. 

Thank you for your patience as we are doing what we can to facilitate the need for immediacy while preserving the integrity of the teachings. Please send questions you have on to site and they will be sent to Clare. 

The Wisdom of the Thirteen Moons Session Contents

1.     Chinese Medicine for Perinatal Period
2.     Working with Transverse Births/Nourishing Yin
3.     Nutrition for Pregnancy/Life
4.     Prevention/Dealing with Bleeds, Chinese Medicine/Moxa
5.     Vaccinations: Midwives Traveling to  3rd World, Effects on Babies.
6.     Tear Prevention, Including after 2 or 3rd Degree Tears
7.     External Palpation Technique for Dilation/Massage/Pelvic Floor and Psoas/Iliacus Muscles /Limiting Pelvic Exams
8.      Working with a Holistic Approach with Twin Births
9.      Working with the Connection of Baby and Nature for birth preparation
10.    Ms.Margaret Charles Smith/ Granny Midwife
11.    Transporting a  Baby to the Hospital
12.    Non Surgical Repair of Prolapsed Uterus
13.    Postpartum Work/Moxa/Massage/Exercises
14.    Prenatal Releasing Back Pain/Exercise/Massage
15.    The Importance of Keeping the Cord Connected after Birth & Cord Burning

The Course Curriculum Available in the Program Brochure

Please note:  If you are a current Mamma Primitiva Student, some of the information may over-lap.

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