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Mamma Primitiva is a worldwide traditional midwifery educational program that believes if given the opportunity and teachings, every woman can know and help the restoration of traditional birth.This program supported a birth center in Haiti for several years, helped with the clean water project and tree project in jacmel and is now supporting the existence of further protection for Traditional Midwives and Indigenous Practitioners.  This is the work of the traditional midwife and the intention of Mamma Primitiva.

The Traditional Midwifery Council represents traditional midwives worldwide, preserves cultural/indigenous sovereignty including traditional midwifery and the conservation of our vital medicinal plants, water, and land which are essential for healthy birth. This council shares cultural practices and knowledge from our families and cultural/ indigenous traditions passed down orally, preserving the accountability of traditional midwives. The council teaches and protects birthing traditions, fights for our rights to govern ourselves and uphold the legacy of our elders. We are committed to carrying the torch and bringing in the next generations of traditional midwives and indigenous practitioners. We promote these efforts as a world concept to protect our children and all life on our mamma earth. 

Mammaprimitiva Traditional Midwifery Education will be starting back up next month, August 12, 2018. The classes are tapes that you can listen to at your convenience, even just put on as you are doing your morning chores, they will be mostly in english. There will be a few questions that will be posted on the the Student Forum page in at least four languages (Spanish/Italian/Greek and English). Each "language" will have their answers and discussion and will post a final answer in english. Each month there will be three weeks of taped classes up and the last week of the month is where you all work together in your languages to share answers and one answer each language will be posted. I will be checking of course the answers. There will be midwives and women from many countries taking the courses and partaking in the student forum learning on the website that will coincide with the classes taught. 

If you are interested contact clare at along with Wisdom of Thirteen Moons, a MEAC CEU Course.

The entire course and program is taught, run and managed by a dedicated volunteer professional staff.  All donations that you make goes to work concerning Birth Soveriegnty throughout the world and continuing the work with clean water and trees in the mountains outside of Jacmel, Haiti. 

Birth Sovereignty supports basic public health measures and projects that create sovereignty in all ways, a vital component of broader cultural, social, economic and environmental sovereignty and justice issues.

Our thanks to each that learns to give. Our projects work to create sovereignty. 

Clare Loprinzi, Traditional Midwife 

Chonitia Sudhailah Traditional Midwife

and the teaching staff of Mamma Primitiva


Mamma Primitiva offers:

TRADITIONAL MIDWIFERY CLASSES (tab above Midwifery Classes) 

Wisdom of Thirteen Moon Course The Wisdom of The Thirteen Moons Courses Meac Accredited Course   suggested donation  $100. for 2.3 CEU credits (23 hrs of tapes). Read more under Wisdom of Thirteen Moons tab.




WISDOM OF THE THIRTEEN MOONS MEAC CEU Accredited Self Paced Course, Available for 13 Weeks 

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 Who will attend Mamma Primitiva?

This course includes women of many different cultures and countries learning traditional midwifery. I have done grassroots work locally, nationally and internationally for many years keeping traditional midwifery alive and have worked extensively in Hawaii, Greece, Sicilia and Bulgaria and the United States.  

Many years ago, I organized the Mother Oak Midwifery Conferences, traditional midwives who have now crossed over taught along side other midwives and practitioners.  All sessions from these extraordinary conferences were taped and some have become part of the midwifery education you receive. The words from these old midwives are part of this educational experience, taking you to the root of this ancient knowing and wisdom. Women from all over the world attend this traditional midwifery courses. Local and worldwide networking result from your friendships and all proceeds will go to non-profit birth work.

This education is to help you prepare yourself to help women birth with a traditional approach. This is mamma primitiva work; truthful education about birth, raising children and healing. We look forward to you receiving this education through Mamma Primitiva to help women and babies birth with respect and love.