Traditional Midwifery Education Classes

Dedicated to the Traditional Midwives Who Kept the Old Ways Alive


Ms. Margaret Charles Smith and Clare LoprinziTraditional midwives have never relied on machines, drugs and modern technology to control birth, but rather utilize age old traditional methods. I share these words with you as the ones that crossed over shared with me. I had the opportunity to teach and be with some of the last traditional midwives in North and South America. Their stories were told and taught to me, which guided my work and will be continued through the education provided in this educational program.

“We need to remember that life has been on earth for millions of years with birthing being practices in these traditional ways. For at least 200,000 years man has been classified as homosapiens and in only the last 150 years birth has birth become a medical event. There are a few places on earth where there is no intervention because there is no outside human contact. In these places the population continues to grow without birth being medicalized.

“I am a traditional midwife and have never used ultrasound or drugs. Ultrasound is now known to be doing damage to the ancestors that live in the oceans, killing them and causing deep hearing problems which their language depends on with their high pitch language which is more developed that humans. Traditional midwives do not need to listen with ultrasound and are deeply tuned into the beat of the the baby and all that it is connected to. For me the plant world, the gifts of Motherwit, as Onnie Lee Logan, a southern granny midwife said, “What I know about deliverin babies came from motherwit, common sense,” God gave it to me.” The truth is that traditional midwives do not go to this other world of drugs and machines; they stay with tradition, which does not change. This is one reason why I started this online educational program, to share and help you grow with your studies. I realize that few will be traditional midwives but most of this knowledge will still become incorporated into your life and help you on this journey of empowering yourself and other women to birth with respect and grace. It will also help you gain information about raising healthy children and help with the healing of motherearth. Of course I am hopeful that some of you will be inspired to do the work to become a traditional midwife and do the deep work that it takes to dive so deeply into the old ways. We work with love, the placenta again an ancestral connection and we stay away from ultrasound because it is used in war, to learn more about this google MUOS and study the work that the Sicilians have done on ultrasound waves that are used in MUOS as a war tool. I can say living in the Hawaiian Islands and being a citizen in sicilia , I know that our kanaloa, (whales, dolphins and sea life ) are dying, I can say with fact that it is a holocaust that is happening in our waters, and the Mediterranean Seas and all over where ultrasound is being used in the waters, it was made for bombs and that is what it does. So where are the tests for safety and to be honest we just don’t need this and don’t need to effect our babies with this.

“Being a traditional midwife is a long deep journey at this time in history. The fear and money have crept into society. But I can tell you that it is a life long journey that is full of blessings even though there are some bumpy times. For you that want to be called a midwife and learn from this course, that is all good.  We all have our callings and today many will be more eclectic, using modern pharmaceutical drugs and machines with birth. This course however will stay totally on the traditional approach. My inspiration came from a lot of old friends and mentors. My strongest mentor and friend was Ms. Margaret Smith, a traditional midwife. I leave you with this statement in her book, “Listen To Me Good.”

“Not surprisingly, many midwives described their roles as witnessing birth, not managing deliveries." Midwives told women, "Let nature take its course " "When the apple is ripe it will fall,” and “ A baby’s got to come on its own time, honey.”

This way of thinking led midwives to encourage women in labor to “keep a stumbling, keep a moving, doing something, if it ain’t nothing but walking, stirring around.”

Traditional midwives knew that the baby knew how to birth and we helped the mom to realize this and through her journey. As Ms. Margaret would say, “kind words go a long ways, they sho do.”