Mamma Primitiva Curriculum 

There is one class for all levels of learning for this Traditional Midwifery education.  I am posting several videos so you can either review it if you have seen it or just do the new video. If you are newer you will be getting twice the classes so do what you want. It is all up to each of you on how much you want to do. I post new classes at the beginning of each month.

Classes are in demand to restart and are segmented into 6 Sessions /every two months.

This program is for all new and enrolled students, midwives, doulas, birth attendants. 

Starts August 12, 2018/CURRICULUM 


Mamma Primitiva Traditional Midwifery Educational Class curriculum starts with Traditional approaches/thinking/natural birth. This course is by donation and suggested donation for two sessions (four months) is 50.-80. All funds go to birth work , we volunteer our time to create the classes,  evaluations and mentoring. I would suggest committing to a year of classes. 

Class curriculum will be for all stages of midwifery education but soley traditional which means ultrasound of all forms, pharmaceutical drugs will be taught as to what they are but not as methods to used. (traditional midwifery education)

Wisdom of Thirteen Moons class curriculum has great classes for those midwives that want to understand Traditional Approaches and there are CEU's and question and answers that come with the program, you have four months to do this program.The suggested donation is 100. for the four months. 

This course is by donation but that aspect is important because the funds go to birth work and I and other volunteer our time to create the classes and evaluations and mentoring. . I would suggest committing to a year of classes. Easy to add this learning to other programs.


We want to hear from each of you and so everyone answer the questions for this session by the 21st of September.Post them, if they are too personal don't write it. Remember this is all positive answers, do not go into your births where you wished you did something different. Ok to be subjective too as long as the experience was positive. Go from the answers you learned in your classes. 
 For those of you if you have just joined do as much as you can, the tapes will change on the 28th though.  I have given you all the tests and answers so that you can learn deeper...but sharing experiences is always great...For example many of you have birthed, many have attended home births or birthed at home or worked with the Ayiti Clinic like sherline, who has seen a lot of birth. 
I will continue each session, or Chonitia or Amy ask more questions...teach more this things for you to read...remember check out the scans..mamma primitiva student group on facebook.
Dance, stand up for our motherearth, water, environmental and cultural rights, human rights. 
the first sessions money went to school supplies in ayiti mountains (200) and (500) goes  to the Ecuador Midwives. And paid the Vimeo account and Website for a year. generous as can or work your communities. It is all the same. We shall overcome ss Ms. Margaret Charles Smith sang everytime we taught together. 
Chonitia and Clare



Each Session includes 2 months, 8 classes including the work forum as a class. Current curriculum is posted below for all Students:   

2018  Session 1 August/September

 Traditional Midwifery Educational Classes

  • Working with Breath
  • Placenta
  • Massage for babies
  • Yin in Birth
  • Yin Deficiency effecting birth 
  • Traditional Midwifery


1. What is a Traditional Midwife? A Indigenous Practitioner?

2. What is the responsibility and accountability for a Traditional Midwife?

3. Are babies born mature and what three things are essential for the growth of a healthy baby?

4. Why is dance, song, traditional languages important for all involved in birth?

5. Create your song, your dance and share if you want, if you are not ready make it a work in process. 

6. Why is baby massage essential for the health of the baby? 

7. What is the work that the placenta does? What is the respect that the placenta should be given? Where is the acupuncture pressure point that can be used to help the mother "let go" and allow the placenta to be born?

8. What is the importance of yin? How can you replenish yin in both yourself and the mother?